“the Soatoa debut full-length album Latent is a surefire cocktail of tunes, more a Jesus Juice concoction than a straightforward martini. Its 10 lush tracks slide from greasy rock riffs to bright Bob-Marley-influenced rhythms.”

– Sarah Bauer, Beatroute BC


“Tom Heuckendorff could be considered one of Vancouver’s Renaissance men for the sheer breadth of his musical skills. He journeys around town doing session work, navigating a myriad of genres from rock and jazz to reggae, while skilfully swapping from keyboard, saxophone, to bass guitar, singing all the while… Their sound reflects Tom’s diverse abilities, but remains a cohesive, upbeat, whole.”

– Sarah Gray, Van City Buzz


“The band is a reggae-rock-pop extravaganza, our Song of the Day tune “Borrowed Time” is a bright tune that reminds me a lot of Minus the Bear. The debut album Latent was recorded at Heukendorff’s makeshift basement studio, where he played most of the instruments as well as wrote and produced the record. The efforts have paid off enormously as he created an original beast of a record, with loads of interesting harmonies and hooks. ”

Vancouver Music Review


Multi-instrumentalist Tom Heueckendorff is an in-demand sideman for artists like CR Avery and The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer. Under the moniker Soatoa, he has a new solo project and a strong debut album, Latent. This shows off his latent talent as a singer and songwriter of melodic and well-crafted self-produced pop-rock songs, many sprinkled with reggae feels and possessing a laid-back West Coast vibe.

– Kerry Doole, New Canadian Music


The Vancouver band’s reggae rock draws from the Buring Spear school of funk grooves, but the group — all accomplished players culled from various bands (The Harpoonist and The Axe Murderer, Harpdog Brown and CR Avery among them) — loves to kick out the jams. Debut album Latent has air guitar-worthy riffage and tight, bag-o-tricks players.

Vancouver Sun