“A unique blend of saucy guitar jams, traditional reggae bass lines and organ-based soul.”
– Sarah Bauer, Beatroute

 “I truly believe in a rampant amalgamation of styles and genres and I created Soatoa to reflect and portray who I am, where I’ve been and what I love” said Tom Heuckendorff of his brain child Soatoa, “because music can and should be a cocktail of influences and experiences”. With a 6 piece team of some of Vancouver’s hottest musicians, Soatoa serves up that cocktail in a reggae-rock-pop extravaganza. They affluently bring a new exciting perspective on classic styles.

Soatoa released their debut album ‘Latent’ June 12th, 2014 at the Fox Cabaret in Vancouver, BC and it was met with a warm reception from the music loving community and local press. A melody filled journey through time and style, Soatoa’s freshman effort reinvents what can be said on one side of wax (the vinyl LP being the recommended listening medium for ‘Latent’).




Their influences range from the gritty rock of Blind Melon to the roots reggae rhythms of old Lee Perry productions and everything in-between. Soatoa members seamlessly bridge musical gaps while adding their own experiences in life, music and the great unknown.

Though band leader Tom Heuckendorff is most often found running about the stage, microphone in hand, pelting out powerful and bluesy lead vocals, sporadically, he will abandon the mic to rip a gritty sax solo or even join organ/keyboard player Q De Lorenzis on the keyboard stack for 4 hand mayhem. Guitarists Gavin Youngash and Torben Brown can be seen shredding rock riffs or grooving hard on deceivingly complex reggae poly-rhythms, whilst throwing in tightly nit vocal harmonies.

After some great tours through BC and Alberta in the fall of 2014, Soatoa looks to the spring and summer of 2015 and plan for extensive touring through North America. As the band plans for a year of musical mayhem they will also be getting back into the recording studio to create new sounds, innovate old styles and break down more boundaries. All this will be accomplished whilst continuing to play exciting shows around the Vancouver area with like minded bands and friends. Soatoa plans to improve their North American presence through relentless touring and recording in hopes that they will be welcomed as an integral part of the Canadian music scene.

Soatoa strives to be as energetic, creative and catchy as possible while maintaining technical fortitude and impeccable group dynamics. Soatoa is an encyclopedia of musical mastery, wrapped up in a gritty burlap sack of attitude and captivation. Certainly, not a sound soon forgot.




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